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From "Travis Vitek" <>
Subject RE: [PATCH] std::messages thread safety
Date Sun, 16 Sep 2007 05:00:26 GMT

Martin Sebor wrote:
>Travis Vitek wrote: 
>> Martin Sebor wrote:
>>> AFAIK, catopen() and catgets() are not required to be thread
>>> safe so we need to guard calls to them across all instances of
>>> the facet.
>> Yes, but the affected functions are doing more than just calling
>> catgets() and catopen(). Since they are using shared data, they
>> need to lock that shared data with a shared mutex.
>And unless I'm missing something, they are.
>     _RWSTD_MT_STATIC_GUARD (__rw_open_cat_data);
>This provides mutual exclusion across all othe such guards
>(i.e, those with the same type as an argument).

Nope. See _defs.h...

  // synchronizes access by all objects holding the same mutex
  #  define _RWSTD_MT_GUARD(mutex)  \
            _RW::__rw_guard _RWSTD_PASTE (__guard, __LINE__) (mutex)

  // synchronizes access by all threads holding the same mutex 
  #  define _RWSTD_MT_STATIC_GUARD(type)                           \
            typedef _RW::__rw_type<type,__LINE__> _UniqueType;     \

  // synchronizes access by all objects of the same type
  #  define _RWSTD_MT_CLASS_GUARD(type)                            \
            _RWSTD_MT_GUARD (_RW::__rw_get_static_mutex ((type*)0))

_RWSTD_MT_CLASS_GUARD locks a static mutex that unique for the type
provided. This provides the behavior that you are describing above.

_RWSTD_MT_STATIC_GUARD creates a unique type given a type and a line
number. That new type is then used to get a handle to a static mutex.
The only time two _RWSTD_MT_STATIC_GUARD lines are guarding the same
mutex is if they happen to be on the same line number and have the
same type argument.


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