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From "Travis Vitek" <>
Subject RE: [PATCH] std::messages thread safety
Date Fri, 14 Sep 2007 20:23:59 GMT

Martin Sebor wrote:
>Farid Zaripov wrote:
>>   The 22.locale.messages.cpp test fails due to using incorrect
>> guard type in functions from messages.cpp file. There used
>> _RWSTD_MT_STATIC_GUARD(), so that the functions are protected
>> from working simultaneously with itself only. But from every that
>> functions invoked __rw_manage_cat_data() which working with
>> shared global repository of open catalogs.
>_RWSTD_MT_STATIC_GUARD() lock a static local mutex, which guards
>the rest of the block from being entered by more than 1 thread
>across the whole process.

Yes, that is the problem. The current static guard prevents multiple
threads from entering the same function simultaneously [i.e. two threads
cannot call __rw_cat_open simultaneously], but it does nothing to
prevent one thread from calling __rw_cat_open() and another thread from
calling __rw_cat_close() at the same time. Since __rw_manage_cat_data
has shared data, access to it must be synchronized using one common

>AFAIK, catopen() and catgets() are not required to be thread
>safe so we need to guard calls to them across all instances of
>the facet.

Yes, but the affected functions are doing more than just calling
catgets() and catopen(). Since they are using shared data, they need to
lock that shared data with a shared mutex.

>   * messages.cpp (__rw_cat_open): Use _RWSTD_MT_CLASS_GUARD instead of
>   _RWSTD_MT_STATIC_GUARD to synchronize acces to global repository of
> open
>   catalogs.
>   (__rw_get_message): Ditto.
>   (__rw_get_locale): Ditto.
>   (__rw_cat_close): Ditto.

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