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From "Marc Betz" <>
Subject RE: [RFC] Apache "look and feel" for stdcxx docs
Date Mon, 10 Sep 2007 23:59:05 GMT
I have done the following:

  - modified the subtask stdcxx-504, add copyright notices, to delete
    the zip archives of the documents and replaced them with diffs
    created with svn diff. The changes only add copyright notices to
    the bottom of each page, changed to put this notice before rather
    than after the Google Analytics annotation, as requested by Martin,
    and a continuously visible copyright footer frame to the frames
    There are no look and feel changes.

  - assigned myself subtask stdcxx-407, remove reference to Rogue Wave, 
    expanded its scope to include removing references to "SourcePro"
    and "module", as described in the comment. I attached diffs for the
    two documents reflecting these changes.

This is all I will be doing for now as I need to focus on other work.


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From: Travis Vitek [] 
Sent: Thursday, August 30, 2007 4:36 PM
Subject: RE: [RFC] Apache "look and feel" for stdcxx docs

>From: Marc Betz
>Subject: RE: [RFC] Apache "look and feel" for stdcxx docs
>No, that's all for now. I wanted to get these changes reviewed and 
>checked in before starting the more substantive text changes.

I don't understand why these changes have to be integrated before work
is started on the 'more substantive text changes'. Is there some overlap
that prevents them from being done independently? Seems that the changes
should be completely unrelated.

>[...] there may be other cosmetic changes we will want to make, but at 
>least this has the needed copyright statements and a cleaner looking 
>banner that correctly identifies the source of the documentation [...]

I looked at the contents of the zip, and I don't see any copyright
update. All I see is the two html documents and a few images, none of
which include any copyright information. Unless you are talking about
the changed logo, I don't see anything that identifies the documentation
source either.

>so I would suggest committing it as is, getting on with the text 
>changes, and then revisiting this later.

Back to my original comment. It sounds like you are convinced that you
can't work on any more documentation updates until this stuff is
submitted. Not everyone has commit rights, and for the time being it
doesn't look like these changes are going anywhere. I think it might be
simpler to create subtasks of STDCXX-506, one for updating the banners
and layout, and another for updating the content and then proceed with
the second task.


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