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From Martin Sebor <>
Subject Re: merging trunk to 4.2.0
Date Fri, 28 Sep 2007 22:26:17 GMT
The merge to branches/4.2.0 is complete now. Assuming our testing
confirms that the merge was successful we'll tag it (4.2.0-rc-5)
sometime next week. The merge was very difficult because of the
large number of changes and because of what seems to be an svn
limitation: the command line client croaks on merges containing
added files with the following error:

     svn: Access scheme mixtures not yet supported

I worked around it by copying the files from trunk over to the
branch via svn cp. Before checking everything in I did a diff
of all files to make sure they matched. Since some of them
weren't merged correctly for some odd reason I copied those as
well and repeated the process until there were no diffs (except
for $Id: keywords). I also verified the branch by building the
library, examples, tests, and utilities, with gcc 4.1 on Solaris.
So even though I'm pretty confident that merge went okay the
branch probably shouldn't be used for any serious work until
we've put it through a round of testing on a number of

Andrew, could you please you set up the head of the 4.2.0 branch
for nightly testing?


Martin Sebor wrote:
> A typo introduced last night into one of the Rogue Wave build
> scripts has caused all last night's builds to fail. We've corrected
> the typo this morning and scheduled a new set of builds to take
> place ASAP. The planned merge will take place once we've
> seen at least a representative sample of the build results.
> Martin
> Martin Sebor wrote:
>> I'm planning to merge all of the trunk to branches/4.2.0 as soon
>> as the recently introduced build failures have cleared up in the
>> build results. This could be as early as tomorrow and hopefully
>> no later than early next week. Until then, I'd like to ask all
>> committers to be extra careful before checking in any library or
>> build and test infrastructure changes (including the test driver)
>> that might adversely impact multiple platforms. If you can't test
>> with *at least* two different compilers please hold off on checking
>> your changes in until after the merge.
>> Thanks
>> Martin

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