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From Martin Sebor <>
Subject Re: list of required C++ features
Date Fri, 21 Sep 2007 15:34:36 GMT
mark.g.brown wrote:
> Martin Sebor wrote:
>> I'd like us to start to think about and putting together a list
>> of widely implemented core C++ features whose absence we currently
>> work around with the help of configuration tests and macros and
>> that are contributing in a significant way to the maintenance and
>> development effort of the library. By widely implemented I mean
>> by all the compilers we are currently testing with; note that
>> this does not include Visual C++ 6.0 :)
>> The goal of this exercise is, of course, to eliminate the most
>> costly of the workarounds and simplify the implementation for
>> 4.3, and establish a policy for the implementation of the next
>> C++ standard (i.e., all of the TR1 extensions) for 5.0.
>> A couple of "high profile" features that come to mind are:
>>  * member templates
>>  * partial specialization
>> Others?
> It may not be making the maintenance of the code too hard but replacing 
> the _TYPENAME macro with the typename keyword seems like low hanging 
> fruit. Is there a modern compiler out there that still doesn't 
> understand it?

Probably not a recent one but Sun C++ 5.3 is still on our test
matrix and I'm told fairly widely used. I agree that the macro
looks ugly (as do the _EXPLICIT or _MUTABLE macros) but we will
need to check to make sure it's not needed anymore. But if not,
it's history!

Anything else? Farid, IIRC, you had an opinion on this not too
long ago. What was it we discussed? The scope of the for loop
controlling variable? Ot the ability to declare a variable in
the conditional expression of the if statement? Or both?


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