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From "mark.g.brown" <>
Subject Re: list of required C++ features
Date Fri, 21 Sep 2007 04:04:27 GMT
Martin Sebor wrote:
> I'd like us to start to think about and putting together a list
> of widely implemented core C++ features whose absence we currently
> work around with the help of configuration tests and macros and
> that are contributing in a significant way to the maintenance and
> development effort of the library. By widely implemented I mean
> by all the compilers we are currently testing with; note that
> this does not include Visual C++ 6.0 :)
> The goal of this exercise is, of course, to eliminate the most
> costly of the workarounds and simplify the implementation for
> 4.3, and establish a policy for the implementation of the next
> C++ standard (i.e., all of the TR1 extensions) for 5.0.
> A couple of "high profile" features that come to mind are:
>  * member templates
>  * partial specialization
> Others?

It may not be making the maintenance of the code too hard but replacing 
the _TYPENAME macro with the typename keyword seems like low hanging 
fruit. Is there a modern compiler out there that still doesn't 
understand it?

-- Mark

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