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From Martin Sebor <>
Subject Re: do we still need rwstderr.rc?
Date Wed, 19 Sep 2007 19:49:34 GMT
Farid Zaripov wrote:
>> Now that we have our own gencat utility do we still need rwstderr.rc?
>   I have not received this message by e-mail, but have seen it at
>   The gencat utility on windows uses .rc file format, anf .msg file
> format on unix.

I thought it would take one or the other (although preferably
the .msg file in the POSIX catalog format) regardless of the
platform. But I guess we never specifically decided on this.

> I agree that if gencat would accept .msg files instead of .rc files it
> would be great
> improvement. But then we need to decide how to deal with possible
> multiple sets
> in .msg file. The .rc file doesn't have the sets. We can encode set
> number and
> message number to ID in .rc file (0 <= ID <= 0xffff):
> ID = set * 0x100 + msg        - 256 sets by 256 messages per set, or
> ID = set * 0x1000 + msg      - 16 sets by 4096 messages per set

Yeah, we'd need to figure out how to unambiguously translate
the two id's into one and back. POSIX says that set id's must
be between 1 and NL_SETMAX and most platforms define the macro
to 65535 (AIX, HP-UX, Tru64) or less (BSD, IRIX, Solaris 255).
Linux, of course, must be better than everything else on the
planet and defines it to INT_MAX, but I think given the other
platforms we could just settle for 65535 for our utility on

>   BTW, I see that currently rwstderr.rc file is not used in build
> process.

I noticed it too (or I couldn't find it in our logs). I thought
there was a prebuilt .dll in Subversion that we were using but
I can't find it. Either way, we should be building it, using
our tool, and ideally from the same sources as on UNIX. It's
too late to do anything about it for 4.2 but I think we should
definitely try to fix it in 4.2.1.


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