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From Martin Sebor <>
Subject Intel C++/Windows XP build failures
Date Tue, 18 Sep 2007 05:33:16 GMT
Looks like some of the Windows failures have cleared up. We're still
waiting for results on Windows 2000 but hopefully Farid's patch for
STDCXX-543 will have resoled those as well.

Unfortunately, we continue to be having problems in Intel C++ (both
9.1 and 10.0) builds on Windows XP. It might be important that the
failures are isolated to the servers xp64build (XP/EM64T Service Pack
1) and stein (XP/X86 Service Pack 2). The servers xp64build2 (also
XP/EM64T Service Pack 1), box or mug (also XP/X86 Service Pack 2),
don't seem to exhibit the problem in the latest builds.

Farid, please let us know where you stand on this, if you've made any
progress since the last time we discussed it and what we can do to
help. For reference, AFAIK, the last update on this is here:

Travis, can you please try to determine the difference between the
"good" and the "bad" servers to see if we're missing patches or what
else could be causing the failures? If there is a problem with the
environment (incorrectly set up compilers, etc.), please let Andrew
know so he can start working on getting it corrected.


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