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From Martin Sebor <>
Subject severity of issues in Jira
Date Tue, 11 Sep 2007 00:39:59 GMT
To help with prioritization of issues I've added a new custom field
to stdcxx issues in Jira, called Severity, with the following values
in the order of decreasing severity:

1. Runtime Error (e.g., crash including abort, deadlock or livelock,
    and certain cases of data corruption such as buffer overruns and
    other types of undefined behavior that could potentially lead to
2. Binary Incompatibility (e.g., errors at load time due to
    unsatisfied references to symbols that have changed or been
    removed, or undefined behavior as a result of incompatible
3. Incorrect Behavior (i.e., any otherwise well-defined behavior
    that's different from the documented behavior).
4. Compiler Error (i.e., a compilation diagnostic including internal
    compiler errors).
5. Linker Error (same as above but for the linker).
6. Inefficiency (including speed or space inefficiencies).
7. Compiler Warning.
8. Linker Warning.

Are there any suggestions for new values or changes to the ones I've
added, or to the assigned priorities?


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