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From Martin Sebor <>
Subject Windows build failures
Date Tue, 04 Sep 2007 17:27:47 GMT
What is the status of the Windows builds on trunk? There still
are a large number of severe failures that need to be resolved
for the 4.2 release:

win_2000-4-x86	icl-10.0	all
win_2000-4-x86	icl-9.1		all
win_2000-4-x86	msvc-7.1	all
win_2003-1-x86	msvc-7.1	11s
win_xp-1-em64t	icl-10.0	12D-win32
win_xp-1-em64t	icl-10.0	12d-win32
win_xp-2-x86	icl-10.0	8s
win_xp-2-x86	icl-9.1		all

Farid, are you seeing these failures in your environment? if so,
can you look into them ASAP? If not, please let Andrew know what
differences there are between your and the test environments so
we can all converge on the same and/or get to the bottom of these


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