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From "Travis Vitek (JIRA)" <>
Subject [jira] Updated: (STDCXX-559) add ASL headers to all documentation files
Date Wed, 19 Sep 2007 00:38:43 GMT


Travis Vitek updated STDCXX-559:

    Attachment: stdlibref.patch

changelog for stdlibref.patch

20070-09-18  Travis Vitek  <>

	--distance-type.html: Add ASL header
	--iterator-category.html: Same.
	1-1.html: Same.
	1-2.html: Same.
	1-3.html: Same.
	1.html: Same.
	2-1.html: Same.
	2-10.html: Same.
	2-11.html: Same.
	2-2.html: Same.
	2-3.html: Same.
	2-4.html: Same.
	2-5.html: Same.
	2-6.html: Same.
	2-7.html: Same.
	2-8.html: Same.
	2-9.html: Same.
	2.html: Same.
	A-1.html: Same.
	A-2.html: Same.
	A-3.html: Same.
	A.html: Same.
	accumulate.html: Same.
	acknow.html: Same.
	adjacent-difference.html: Same.
	adjacent-find.html: Same.
	advance.html: Same.
	algorithm-h.html: Same.
	algorithms.html: Same.
	allocator.html: Same.
	associativecontainers.html: Same.
	auto-ptr.html: Same.
	B.html: Same.
	back-insert-iterator.html: Same.
	bad-alloc.html: Same.
	bad-cast.html: Same.
	bad-exception.html: Same.
	bad-typeid.html: Same.
	basic-filebuf.html: Same.
	basic-fstream.html: Same.
	basic-ifstream.html: Same.
	basic-ios.html: Same.
	basic-iostream.html: Same.
	basic-istream.html: Same.
	basic-istringstream.html: Same.
	basic-ofstream.html: Same.
	basic-ostream.html: Same.
	basic-ostringstream.html: Same.
	basic-streambuf.html: Same.
	basic-string.html: Same.
	basic-stringbuf.html: Same.
	basic-stringstream.html: Same.
	bidirectionaliterators.html: Same.
	binary-function.html: Same.
	binary-negate.html: Same.
	binary-search.html: Same.
	bind1st.html: Same.
	bitmasktypes.html: Same.
	bitset.html: Same.
	booktoc.html: Same.
	cerr.html: Same.
	char-traits.html: Same.
	cin.html: Same.
	clog.html: Same.
	codecvt-byname.html: Same.
	codecvt.html: Same.
	collate.html: Same.
	compare.html: Same.
	complex-h.html: Same.
	complex.html: Same.
	contact.html: Same.
	containers.html: Same.
	copy.html: Same.
	copyright.html: Same.
	count.html: Same.
	cout.html: Same.
	ctype-byname.html: Same.
	ctype.html: Same.
	deque-h.html: Same.
	deque.html: Same.
	distance.html: Same.
	divides.html: Same.
	domain-error.html: Same.
	equal-range.html: Same.
	equal-to.html: Same.
	equal.html: Same.
	exception-h.html: Same.
	exception.html: Same.
	exceptions.html: Same.
	facets.html: Same.
	fill.html: Same.
	find-end.html: Same.
	find-first-of.html: Same.
	find-if.html: Same.
	find.html: Same.
	for-each.html: Same.
	forwarditerators.html: Same.
	fpos.html: Same.
	frames-banner.html: Same.
	frames-classes-alpha.html: Same.
	frames-classes-func.html: Same.
	frames-displayarea.html: Same.
	frames-intro-contents.html: Same.
	frames-intro-text.html: Same.
	frames-tindex-contents.html: Same.
	frames-tindex.html: Same.
	front-insert-iterator.html: Same.
	fstream-h.html: Same.
	functional-h.html: Same.
	functionobjects.html: Same.
	functoc.html: Same.
	generate.html: Same.
	get-temporary-buffer.html: Same.
	greater-equal.html: Same.
	greater.html: Same.
	gslice-array.html: Same.
	gslice.html: Same.
	has-facet.html: Same.
	heapoperations.html: Same.
	I.html: Same.
	II.html: Same.
	III.html: Same.
	includes.html: Same.
	index.html: Same.
	indirect-array.html: Same.
	inner-product.html: Same.
	inplace-merge.html: Same.
	inputiterators.html: Same.
	insert-iterator.html: Same.
	insertiterators.html: Same.
	invalid-argument.html: Same.
	iomanip-h.html: Same.
	ios-base--failure.html: Same.
	ios-base.html: Same.
	ios-h.html: Same.
	iosfwd-h.html: Same.
	iostream-h.html: Same.
	isalnum.html: Same.
	isalpha.html: Same.
	iscntrl.html: Same.
	isdigit.html: Same.
	isgraph.html: Same.
	islower.html: Same.
	isprint.html: Same.
	ispunct.html: Same.
	isspace.html: Same.
	istream-h.html: Same.
	istream-iterator.html: Same.
	istreambuf-iterator.html: Same.
	istrstream.html: Same.
	isupper.html: Same.
	isxdigit.html: Same.
	iter-swap.html: Same.
	iterator-h.html: Same.
	iterator-traits.html: Same.
	iterator.html: Same.
	iterators.html: Same.
	IV.html: Same.
	length-error.html: Same.
	less-equal.html: Same.
	less.html: Same.
	lexicographical-compare.html: Same.
	limits-h.html: Same.
	list-h.html: Same.
	list.html: Same.
	lists.html: Same.
	locale-h.html: Same.
	locale.html: Same.
	localedefutility.html: Same.
	localeutility.html: Same.
	logic-error.html: Same.
	logical-and.html: Same.
	logical-not.html: Same.
	logical-or.html: Same.
	lower-bound.html: Same.
	make-heap.html: Same.
	map-h.html: Same.
	map.html: Same.
	mask-array.html: Same.
	max-element.html: Same.
	max.html: Same.
	mem-fun.html: Same.
	memory-h.html: Same.
	merge.html: Same.
	messages.html: Same.
	min-element.html: Same.
	min.html: Same.
	minus.html: Same.
	mismatch.html: Same.
	modulus.html: Same.
	money-get.html: Same.
	money-put.html: Same.
	moneypunct.html: Same.
	multimap.html: Same.
	multiplies.html: Same.
	multiset.html: Same.
	negate.html: Same.
	negators.html: Same.
	new-h.html: Same.
	next-permutation.html: Same.
	noframes.html: Same.
	not-equal-to.html: Same.
	not1.html: Same.
	not2.html: Same.
	nth-element.html: Same.
	num-get.html: Same.
	num-put.html: Same.
	numeric-h.html: Same.
	numeric-limits.html: Same.
	numpunct.html: Same.
	operatordelete.html: Same.
	operatornew.html: Same.
	operators.html: Same.
	ostream-h.html: Same.
	ostream-iterator.html: Same.
	ostreambuf-iterator.html: Same.
	ostrstream.html: Same.
	out-of-range.html: Same.
	outputiterators.html: Same.
	overflow-error.html: Same.
	pair.html: Same.
	partial-sort-copy.html: Same.
	partial-sort.html: Same.
	partial-sum.html: Same.
	partition.html: Same.
	plus.html: Same.
	pointer-to-binary-function.html: Same.
	pointer-to-unary-function.html: Same.
	pop-heap.html: Same.
	predicates.html: Same.
	prev-permutation.html: Same.
	priority-queue.html: Same.
	ptr-fun.html: Same.
	push-heap.html: Same.
	queue-h.html: Same.
	queue.html: Same.
	random-shuffle.html: Same.
	randomaccessiterators.html: Same.
	range-error.html: Same.
	raw-storage-iterator.html: Same.
	remove-copy-if.html: Same.
	remove-copy.html: Same.
	remove-if.html: Same.
	remove.html: Same.
	replace-copy-if.html: Same.
	replace-copy.html: Same.
	replace-if.html: Same.
	replace.html: Same.
	return-temporary-buffer.html: Same.
	reverse-copy.html: Same.
	reverse-iterator.html: Same.
	reverse.html: Same.
	rotate.html: Same.
	runtime-error.html: Same.
	search.html: Same.
	sequences.html: Same.
	set-difference.html: Same.
	set-h.html: Same.
	set-intersection.html: Same.
	set-symmetric-difference.html: Same.
	set-union.html: Same.
	set.html: Same.
	slice-array.html: Same.
	slice.html: Same.
	sort-heap.html: Same.
	sort.html: Same.
	sstream-h.html: Same.
	stable-partition.html: Same.
	stable-sort.html: Same.
	stack-h.html: Same.
	stack.html: Same.
	stdexcept-h.html: Same.
	streambuf-h.html: Same.
	streamiterators.html: Same.
	string-h.html: Same.
	string.html: Same.
	strstream-h.html: Same.
	strstream.html: Same.
	strstreambuf.html: Same.
	swap-ranges.html: Same.
	swap.html: Same.
	time-get-byname.html: Same.
	time-get.html: Same.
	time-put-byname.html: Same.
	time-put.html: Same.
	tindex.html: Same.
	tolower.html: Same.
	toupper.html: Same.
	transform.html: Same.
	typeinfo-h.html: Same.
	unary-function.html: Same.
	unary-negate.html: Same.
	underflow-error.html: Same.
	uninitialized-copy.html: Same.
	uninitialized-fill-n.html: Same.
	uninitialized-fill.html: Same.
	unique.html: Same.
	upper-bound.html: Same.
	use-facet.html: Same.
	utility-h.html: Same.
	valarray-h.html: Same.
	valarray.html: Same.
	vector-h.html: Same.
	vector.html: Same.
	wcerr.html: Same.
	wcin.html: Same.
	wclog.html: Same.
	wcout.html: Same.
	wstring.html: Same.

> add ASL headers to all documentation files
> ------------------------------------------
>                 Key: STDCXX-559
>                 URL:
>             Project: C++ Standard Library
>          Issue Type: Sub-task
>          Components: Release
>    Affects Versions: trunk
>            Reporter: Martin Sebor
>            Assignee: Travis Vitek
>            Priority: Blocker
>             Fix For: 4.2
>         Attachments: stdlibref.patch, stdlibug.patch
> According to the ASF Source Header and Copyright Notice Policy (,
every documentation file needs to contain a comment with the ASL header in it. None of ours
currently does. They comments need to be added for the 4.2.0 release.

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