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From "Travis Vitek (JIRA)" <>
Subject [jira] Updated: (STDCXX-559) add ASL headers to all documentation files
Date Wed, 19 Sep 2007 00:36:43 GMT


Travis Vitek updated STDCXX-559:

    Attachment: stdlibug.patch

changelog for the stdlibug.patch

20070-09-18  Travis Vitek  <>

	1-1.html: Add ASL header.
	1-2.html: Same.
	1-3.html: Same.
	1-4.html: Same.
	1-5.html: Same.
	1-6.html: Same.
	1-7.html: Same.
	1.html: Same.
	10-1.html: Same.
	10-2.html: Same.
	10-3.html: Same.
	10.html: Same.
	11-1.html: Same.
	11-2.html: Same.
	11-3.html: Same.
	11.html: Same.
	12-1.html: Same.
	12-2.html: Same.
	12-3.html: Same.
	12.html: Same.
	13-1.html: Same.
	13-2.html: Same.
	13-3.html: Same.
	13-4.html: Same.
	13-5.html: Same.
	13-6.html: Same.
	13-7.html: Same.
	13-8.html: Same.
	13.html: Same.
	14-1.html: Same.
	14-2.html: Same.
	14-3.html: Same.
	14-4.html: Same.
	14-5.html: Same.
	14-6.html: Same.
	14-7.html: Same.
	14.html: Same.
	15-1.html: Same.
	15-2.html: Same.
	15-3.html: Same.
	15.html: Same.
	16-1.html: Same.
	16-2.html: Same.
	16-3.html: Same.
	16-4.html: Same.
	16.html: Same.
	17-1.html: Same.
	17-2.html: Same.
	17.html: Same.
	18-1.html: Same.
	18-2.html: Same.
	18-3.html: Same.
	18-4.html: Same.
	18.html: Same.
	19-1.html: Same.
	19-2.html: Same.
	19.html: Same.
	2-1.html: Same.
	2-2.html: Same.
	2-3.html: Same.
	2-4.html: Same.
	2-5.html: Same.
	2.html: Same.
	20-1.html: Same.
	20-2.html: Same.
	20-3.html: Same.
	20.html: Same.
	21-1.html: Same.
	21-2.html: Same.
	21-3.html: Same.
	21.html: Same.
	22-1.html: Same.
	22-2.html: Same.
	22-3.html: Same.
	22-4.html: Same.
	22-5.html: Same.
	22-6.html: Same.
	22-7.html: Same.
	22.html: Same.
	23-1.html: Same.
	23-2.html: Same.
	23-3.html: Same.
	23-4.html: Same.
	23.html: Same.
	24-1.html: Same.
	24-2.html: Same.
	24-3.html: Same.
	24-4.html: Same.
	24.html: Same.
	25-1.html: Same.
	25-2.html: Same.
	25-3.html: Same.
	25-4.html: Same.
	25-5.html: Same.
	25-6.html: Same.
	25.html: Same.
	26-1.html: Same.
	26-2.html: Same.
	26-3.html: Same.
	26-4.html: Same.
	26-5.html: Same.
	26-6.html: Same.
	26-7.html: Same.
	26-8.html: Same.
	26-9.html: Same.
	26.html: Same.
	27-1.html: Same.
	27-2.html: Same.
	27-3.html: Same.
	27-4.html: Same.
	27.html: Same.
	28-1.html: Same.
	28-2.html: Same.
	28-3.html: Same.
	28-4.html: Same.
	28-5.html: Same.
	28.html: Same.
	29-1.html: Same.
	29-2.html: Same.
	29-3.html: Same.
	29.html: Same.
	3-1.html: Same.
	3-2.html: Same.
	3-3.html: Same.
	3-4.html: Same.
	3-5.html: Same.
	3.html: Same.
	30-1.html: Same.
	30-2.html: Same.
	30-3.html: Same.
	30-4.html: Same.
	30-5.html: Same.
	30.html: Same.
	31-1.html: Same.
	31-2.html: Same.
	31-3.html: Same.
	31.html: Same.
	32-1.html: Same.
	32-2.html: Same.
	32-3.html: Same.
	32-4.html: Same.
	32-5.html: Same.
	32-6.html: Same.
	32.html: Same.
	33-1.html: Same.
	33-2.html: Same.
	33-3.html: Same.
	33.html: Same.
	34-1.html: Same.
	34-2.html: Same.
	34-3.html: Same.
	34-4.html: Same.
	34.html: Same.
	35-1.html: Same.
	35-2.html: Same.
	35-3.html: Same.
	35-4.html: Same.
	35-5.html: Same.
	35-6.html: Same.
	35.html: Same.
	36-1.html: Same.
	36-2.html: Same.
	36-3.html: Same.
	36-4.html: Same.
	36.html: Same.
	37-1.html: Same.
	37-2.html: Same.
	37.html: Same.
	38-1.html: Same.
	38-2.html: Same.
	38-3.html: Same.
	38-4.html: Same.
	38-5.html: Same.
	38.html: Same.
	39-1.html: Same.
	39-2.html: Same.
	39-3.html: Same.
	39.html: Same.
	4-1.html: Same.
	4-2.html: Same.
	4-3.html: Same.
	4-4.html: Same.
	4.html: Same.
	40-1.html: Same.
	40-2.html: Same.
	40-3.html: Same.
	40-4.html: Same.
	40-5.html: Same.
	40.html: Same.
	41-1.html: Same.
	41-2.html: Same.
	41-3.html: Same.
	41.html: Same.
	42-1.html: Same.
	42-2.html: Same.
	42-3.html: Same.
	42.html: Same.
	43-1.html: Same.
	43-2.html: Same.
	43-3.html: Same.
	43-4.html: Same.
	43.html: Same.
	44-1.html: Same.
	44-2.html: Same.
	44.html: Same.
	45-1.html: Same.
	45-2.html: Same.
	45-3.html: Same.
	45-4.html: Same.
	45-5.html: Same.
	45.html: Same.
	46-1.html: Same.
	46.html: Same.
	5-1.html: Same.
	5-2.html: Same.
	5-3.html: Same.
	5-4.html: Same.
	5.html: Same.
	6-1.html: Same.
	6-2.html: Same.
	6-3.html: Same.
	6.html: Same.
	7-1.html: Same.
	7-2.html: Same.
	7-3.html: Same.
	7.html: Same.
	8-1.html: Same.
	8-2.html: Same.
	8-3.html: Same.
	8-4.html: Same.
	8.html: Same.
	9-1.html: Same.
	9-2.html: Same.
	9-3.html: Same.
	9.html: Same.
	acknow.html: Same.
	booktoc.html: Same.
	contact.html: Same.
	copyright.html: Same.
	frames-banner.html: Same.
	frames-contents-all.html: Same.
	frames-contents-chapter.html: Same.
	frames-displayarea.html: Same.
	frames-intro-contents.html: Same.
	frames-intro-text.html: Same.
	frames-tindex-contents.html: Same.
	frames-tindex.html: Same.
	I.html: Same.
	II.html: Same.
	III.html: Same.
	index.html: Same.
	IV.html: Same.
	lists.html: Same.
	noframes.html: Same.
	tindex.html: Same.
	V.html: Same.
	VI.html: Same.
	VII.html: Same.
	VIII.html: Same.

> add ASL headers to all documentation files
> ------------------------------------------
>                 Key: STDCXX-559
>                 URL:
>             Project: C++ Standard Library
>          Issue Type: Sub-task
>          Components: Release
>    Affects Versions: trunk
>            Reporter: Martin Sebor
>            Assignee: Travis Vitek
>            Priority: Blocker
>             Fix For: 4.2
>         Attachments: stdlibug.patch
> According to the ASF Source Header and Copyright Notice Policy (,
every documentation file needs to contain a comment with the ASL header in it. None of ours
currently does. They comments need to be added for the 4.2.0 release.

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