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From Farid Zaripov <>
Subject [PATCH] Use __rw_atomic_xxx() on Windows
Date Tue, 28 Aug 2007 16:56:57 GMT
  Attached is a patch, adding __rw_atomic_{add|xchg}xx() functions on 
Win32/Win64 platforms.

  * msvc-7.0.config: Added AS config variable.
  * msvc-8.0-x64.config: Ditto.
  * filterdef.js: Added definition of the CustomFileDef class
  * projectdef.js (InitAsmTool): New function to init custom build rule 
for .asm files.
  * projects.js: Added definitions of the platform dependent files.
  * utilities.js: Read AS configuration variable from the .config file.
  * i86/atomic.asm: New file with definitions of the __rw_atomic_xxx() 
for Win32 platform.
  * i86_64/atomic.asm: New file with definitions of the 
__rw_atomic_xxx() for Windows/x64 platform.
  * _mutex.h: Removed all dependencies on InterlockedXXX() API functions.
  Use new __rw_atomic_xxx() functions instead of InterlockedXXX().
  * once.cpp [_WIN32 && _DLL]: Tell linker to export __atomic_xxx()
  functions, defined in .asm files.


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