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From Martin Sebor <>
Subject Re: Taking tasks for STDCXX-391
Date Tue, 14 Aug 2007 19:10:45 GMT
Just a couple of high-level comments:

Unless you're posting a preview of your changes please submit
patches with diffs (in a unified diff format) against the latest
files on trunk.

When posting previews, it would make it easier if you could post
them live on your own publicly accessible web site such as Google
Pages (


Marc Betz wrote:
> Hi, everyone,
> I have created JIRA subtasks and submitted fixes for three of the
> documentation issues raised in stdcxx-391:
>  - adding copyright notices
>  - updating acknowledgments page
>  - making the look and feel more Apache-like
> See the subtasks for details.
> I also plan to work on cleansing the documents of "Rogue Wave",
> "SourcePro C++", and "module", but I want to wait until you have a
> chance to react to the current proposed changes. Then I can re-check out
> the documents from Subversion and work on these tasks, which will avoid
> the possibility of my submissions for the wording changes overwriting
> the cosmetic changes.
> Also, I need some direction before I can make these changes as to
> exactly what wording to use when writing them out. I think there is some
> discussion under way with whoever deals with such issues for the
> project, but I have not heard the result.
> In any event, I am off on vacation for two weeks, so there is plenty of
> time for these things to happen.
> Cheers,
> Marc

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