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From Martin Sebor <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Update test to validate results
Date Thu, 09 Aug 2007 00:30:57 GMT
Travis Vitek wrote:
> Exactly. I'm okay with a warning. I'm considering adding a
> warning for each locale that couldn't be loaded. If no usable
> locale is available, I will issue another warning that the 'C'
> locale will be used.

You mean only when --locales= is used, right? I.e., not when
the test itself finds one that's bad. That sounds like useful

>> The API is the same. The machinery is enabled automatically by
>> pointing the RWSTD_LOCALE_ROOT environment variable at the root
>> of the stdcxx locale database tree and referencing locales
>> installed under it by name (or pathname). Most of the locale
>> tests, including 22.locale.time.put.cpp, exercise both
>> implementations.
> I'll add this to my todo list. Right now I think it is best if
> I get some commitable tests written. :)

Sounds good!

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