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From Andrew Black <>
Subject Re: duplicate rows on results page
Date Wed, 08 Aug 2007 22:55:41 GMT
Greetings Martin

I haven't had time to investigate this issue, but I suspect it may be
fallout  from the changes that were made to separate the processing
logic within the script.  The reordered logic takes
longer to retrieve the index data from the database, and it's possible
that the index data is updated during the retrieval process, resulting
in the observed misbehavior.  Table locking probably isn't option, as it
likely would result in a stall for the rest of the automated test system.

--Andrew Black

Martin Sebor wrote:
> Andrew, I suspect recent changes to the script
> are causing duplicate rows for some builds. For example, we have
> two rows for a 15S build with VisualAge C++ 6.0 on AIX 5.2. There
> are a number of other duplicates as well, including a few results
> for Intel C++ 9.1 that appear in triplicate, and one for EDG eccp
> is there four times.
> Thanks
> Martin

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