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From Martin Sebor <>
Subject next steps toward graduation
Date Sun, 29 Jul 2007 23:37:52 GMT
If I correctly understand the process, the next step is for us to
formally propose graduation to the Incubator PMC. Before we do that
we need to go through the Graduation Check List and make sure we
have no outstanding issues:

Here's my take on where we are:

1. Preparations.
    i) Complete (and sign off) tasks documented in the status file.
       Status file needs to be updated. The page that's up on the site
       doesn't reflect the most recent changes to the file (see below).
       The last time I tried to get the site updated using the Apache
       infrastructure I ran into a number of problems that I wasn't
       able to overcome even with the help of other on general@i.a.o.
       Maybe someone else can take a crack at it this time -- who's
       willing to take this on?

       The errors I encountered are here:

       This is the most recent change to our status:

    ii) Demonstrate ability to create Apache releases.

    iii) Demonstrate community readiness.

    iv) Ensure Mentors and IPMC  have no remaining issues.
        [Mentors, please speak up if you have any remaining issues
        beyond those already raised in the vote thread.]

2. Decide upon destination.
    [Done: TLP.]

3. Prepare a resolution (top level candidates only).
    To do. Below are the three most recent proposals sent to the general
    incubator list. I'd like to suggest we all read the full threads to
    learn from any mistakes they may have made and start working on our
    own proposal this week. I volunteer to draft the proposal.

4. Subproject acceptance VOTE by destination Project (subproject
    candidates only).
    [Not applicable.]

The remaining two are not quite relevant yet.

5. Incubator PMC (IPMC):
    i) For top level candidates, this is a recommendation VOTE.
    ii) For subproject candidates, this is a graduation approval VOTE.

6. Final hand-over
7. Consider post graduation tasks.


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