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From "Jeremy Dean" <>
Subject Question on Static builds
Date Fri, 15 Jun 2007 14:58:47 GMT
I have a question on static builds on AIX using Standard Library from
SourcePro edition 9.  This build does not make a static library, but
rather a shared archive.  This creates a dependency on any executable
that is linked with this library, which is what we are trying to avoid
when trying to build static libraries.  Here is a copy of the final
creation of the library:
        xlCcore -q32 -qmkshrobj -o  stdrsd.o   assert.o bitset.o
catalog.o codecvt.o collate.o ctype.o ctype_bits.o exception.o export.o
facet.o file.o  
instance.o ios.o ios_bits.o iostore.o iostream.o iso2022.o limits.o
limits_bits.o locale_bits.o locale_body.o locale_classic.o
locale_core.o locale_eq.o locale_global.o locale_name.o memattr.o
memory.o messages.o num_get.o num_put.o  punct.o random.o rwstderr.o 
setlocale.o strstream.o strtol.o ti_collate.o ti_filebuf.o
ti_insert_dbl.o ti_insert_int.o  ti_insert_ptr.o ti_ios.o ti_istream.o
ti_money_get.o ti_money_put.o ti_moneypunct.o ti_num_get.o ti_num_put.o
ti_numpunct.o ti_ostream.o ti_streambuf.o ti_string.o ti_stringbuf.o 
ti_time_get.o ti_time_put.o ti_wcollate.o ti_wfilebuf.o
ti_winsert_dbl.o ti_winsert_int.o ti_winsert_ptr.o ti_wios.o
ti_wistream.o ti_wmessages.o 
ti_wmoneypunct.o ti_wmoney_get.o  ti_wmoney_put.o ti_wnum_get.o
ti_wnum_put.o ti_wnumpunct.o ti_wostream.o ti_wstreambuf.o ti_wstring.o 
ti_wstringbuf.o  ti_wtime_get.o ti_wtime_put.o time_get.o time_put.o
tmpbuf.o typeinfo.o valarray.o version.o vecbool.o wcodecvt.o wctype.o
-g -Wl,-bh:5 -D_RWCONFIG=rsd 
-I./../../../include -I./../../../include/ansi -I./../../.. -I.. -I.
-D_RWBUILD_std -qrtti=all -qtemplateregistry=libstdrsd.tempreg
        ar  -bh:5 -rvu ./../../../lib/libstd41-rsd.a stdrsd.o
ar: Creating an archive file ./../../../lib/libstd41-rsd.a.
a - stdrsd.o
Is this supposed to be intentional or is this a bug with the SourcePro
Jeremy Dean 
Rogue Wave Software,
A QUOVADX(tm) division 
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