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From Martin Sebor <>
Subject Re: Intel C++ build issues on Windows
Date Fri, 29 Jun 2007 18:52:59 GMT
Andrew Black wrote:
> Greetings Martin
> It appears that the build that started on 6/27 entered a hang state due
> to an undismissed dialog.  The utility used to automatically close
> dialogs was failing for some reason, and the team responsible for the
> automated build system has been working on resolving it.

I see. I thought we cleaned them all up. Farid, are there any more
tests or examples that you're aware of that could be causing this?
I suppose it's always possible that a test will crash and pop up
a window on the screen (what a pain!) We really need to come up
with a reliable way to prevent this.

> The other two builds that started last night have completed, though are
> reporting back in a ERROR state.

So they are. The config header or log aren't available, even though
it looks like they were successfully created. There might be useful
information in there. Are they not getting saved in the database?
And if not, is there a way to save them?

Since Farid says he can't reproduce it in his environment there
must be a difference between ours and his.

Farid, what is the exact version of Intel C++ and MSVC that you're
using on Windows? Our logs indicate we are at 9.1.028 for icl and
Visual Studio 2005. Andrew, do you know if we're have a service
pack installed for Visual Studio and if so, what version it is?
Ditto for the OS.

Farid, is there a way to determine the exact versions (including
patches or service packs) of theses things on Windows? If there
is, would it be possible to enhance the Windows infrastructure
to write all this information out somewhere? E.g., as the first
step of the configuration process where we currently say
(something like):

   Configuring for icc-9.1 - 12d Optimized Thread-safe Dll

It would be useful to enhance this to give more detail, e.g.,

   Configuring for icc-9.1.028 (Visual Studion 2005, Service
   Pack X) - 12d Optimized Thread-safe Dll on Windows 2000,
   Service Pack Y.


> --Andrew Black
> Martin Sebor wrote:
>> The Windows 2000 Intel C++ 9.1 builds have been in WAIT state
>> since 6/27. Andrew, in case you missed my note from last night,
>> can you please look and see what the problem is?
>> The same builds on Windows 2003 all failed with the error below.
>> Farid, if you're not already investigating it can you please do
>> so?
>> Thanks
>> Martin
>> Compiling stdcxx library...
>> D:\bman5\builds\33780929\source-buildspace\etc\config\windows\build.wsf(163,
>> 14) (null): Invalid pointer
>> Summary log was generated in
>> file://D:/bman5/builds/33780929/source-buildspace/build/icc-9.1-11s.html
>> build complete

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