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From Farid Zaripov <>
Subject MSVC8 CRT "Secure Template Overloads" feature and stdcxx
Date Tue, 12 Jun 2007 17:36:25 GMT
  The MSVC8 CRT have the following feature: all  functions, working with 
sting buffers
(i.e. strcpy, strcat, sprintf, ...) have the security-enhanced versions 
with suffix "_s"
(i.e. strcpy_s, strcat_s, sprintf_s, ...). And if #defined macro
then will be defined template overloads of the such functions, i.e.:

  template <size_t size>
  char *strcpy(char (&dest)[size], const char *src)
     return strcpy_s(dest, size, src);

  So that the following code:

  char szBuf[10];
  strcpy(szBuf, "test");

  will be replaced to:

  char szBuf[10];
  strcpy<10>(szBuf, "test");

  but the following code:

  char *szBuf = new char [10];
  strcpy(szBuf, "test");

  will be leaved as is.

  The full information on this topic here:

  I've tried to compile the stdcxx library with defined 
step has failed to
detect this functions because of the compiler cannot decide which 
function address is taken.

  Here the list of the that functions:

<cstdio>: gets sprintf tmpnam vsprintf
<cstdlib>: div mbstowcs wcstombs
<cstring>: strcat strcpy strncat strncpy
<cwchar>: mbsrtowcs swprintf vswprintf wcrtomb wcscat wcscpy wcsncat 
wcsncpy wcsrtombs

  The div(int, int) function failed to detect because of the presence 
the "extern C++" div(long, long) overload.

  I propose to make changes in file to check this functions 
not by takig the address, but by call the functions.

  The proposed patch is attached, but I not sure about passing 0 as 
va_list argument while testing vsprintf() and vswprintf().

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