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From Martin Sebor <>
Subject Re: EASTL
Date Mon, 14 May 2007 15:36:07 GMT
Paul Pedriana wrote:
> I tried to download and test stdcxx. It seems to want me to run a 
> configure script before you can compile with it, as there are missing 
> files in the source distribution.

Yes, stdcxx automatically configures itself before it can be built.

> Unfortunately, on my Windows XP system 
> the generate script fails to run (or else I can't don't know how to run 
> it).

I'm CC'ing stdcxx-dev on this. Someone more familiar with the
Windows infrastructure than me will help you sort things out.

4.1.3 is old and may not set up correctly on Windows. The latest
trunk as well as the (pre-release) 4.2.0 both should. You might
able to glean some helpful info from the logs for our nightly
test results:
(e.g., how to correctly invoke the generate.bat script).

> Is there any pre-existing buildable version available for Win32? 
> Alternatively, I can build on Mac OS X (10.4 / GCC 4.0), Linux (2.6.17 / 
> GCC 4.1), or Win64 (AMD64 / GCC or VC++).

There is no prebuilt version of the library but you should be
able to build the latest trunk or 4.2.0 on all the platforms
listed on the test matrix above. The Mac OS X port isn't
complete (I don't know if it works or not but our plan is to
make it work by the time 4.2.0 comes out). The rest of the
platforms you mention should work. Again, look at the build
logs for examples of how to invoke the build infrastructure.
(You can also read the README for the description of the whole

> Thanks.
> Paul
> C:> F:\Development\C++\STL\Apache\stdcxx-4.1.3\generate.bat /CONFIG:VC71 
> /TOPDIR:F:\Development\C++\STL\Apache\stdcxx-4.1.3 
> /BUILDDIR:F:\Development\C++\STL\Apache\stdcxx-4.
> 1.3\project
> Solution generation script
> Checking arguments...
> Building directory tree created
> Checking consistence...
> Creating projects...
> F:\Development\C++\STL\Apache\stdcxx-4.1.3\etc\config\windows\generate.wsf(17, 
> 6) WshShell.Exec: The system cannot find the file specified.

I suspect it's actually a Windows file that the script can't find,
not something that's missing from the distribution. We've made the
error message more user-friendly in 4.2.0:


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