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From Martin Sebor <>
Subject Re: money_get example output
Date Fri, 11 May 2007 22:54:37 GMT
Mark Brown wrote:
> Hi all,
> Out of curiosity I tried compiling and running the example from the money_get page with
stdcxx on Linux but the output is different than the documentation shows. So I tried it with
g++ and the output is different still. Is the documentation incorrect or is there a bug in
the library? Can someone explain what the correct output should be?
> $ ./money_get-stdcxx
> $100.02 -->  --> 0e-2175
> $ ./money_get-g++
> $100.02 -->  --> 1.432e-3754
> The example program is on this page:

I think the problem is that the example code on the documentation
page doesn't set the locale. The real example (i.e., the actual
program) does: it sets it to the English US locale. The code is

The reason why stdcxx and libstdc++ produce different output in
the default "C" locale is in all likelihood because the facet
fails to store a value in the uninitialized variable and the
example ends up writing out bogus bits.

Can you please open a new Documentation issue for this?

FWIW, copying the source code of each example program into the
docs and keeping the two in sync is a maintenance headache. We
should find a better way to do this.

One possibility for dealing with this is to get rid of the code
and replace it with a link to the .cpp file in Subversion. That
alone probably isn't the most user-friendly solution.

A variation on this approach that might be better is to run
a script on the documentation sources after checking them out
of Subversion on the Apache Web server and replace the links
mentioned above with the up-to-date source code of each example
extracted at the same time out of the repository.

Can anyone think of any other ways to keep things in sync, or
of any further improvements to the process?


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