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From Martin Sebor <>
Subject 4.2.0 branch created
Date Tue, 08 May 2007 04:52:30 GMT
The 4.2.0 pre-release branch has been created. This is NOT release
ready code at this time. All changes to it should be tested on trunk
before merging out to it. I'd like us to focus on stabilizing the
test results as much as possible and cleaning up a many of the
outstanding problems as we can. I'll work on putting together
a complete list, but for the time being some of the high-profile
issues to work on are:

  *  MSVC 7.1 .stdcxx_runtests errors
     (no issue number)
  *  MSVC 8.0 rwtest unsats in legacy tests
     (no issue number)
  *  gcc 3.3.3/SUSE many SIGSEGV in optimized, thread safe, shared
     (no issue number)
  *  [FreeBSD 6.2] error on <iconv.h> in locale utilities
  *  [gcc 3.2.3-56/Linux] ld errors on hidden symbol _Unwind_GetIPInfo
  *  [Intel C++ 9.1/Linux] linker error on __rw_atomic_add32
  *  [gcc 4.1.0/Linux] linker error on __rw_atomic_add32
  *  [HP aCC 3.70] unsats on basic_string::replace() member template
  *  [Compaq C++ 6.5] unsats on __rw_static_mutex


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