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From "Patrick Happel" <>
Subject RE: question about locales
Date Thu, 12 Apr 2007 16:36:02 GMT
  Sorry for not updating this earlier.  This problem may actually be due
to the user having an out of date patch on their compiler.  We'll find
out after they update.

  I am actually working with someone else running into the same error,
but possibly for a different reason:  The users are not allowed to
modify the locale settings of the machine, and the locale is set to "C".
So, all calls to setlocale(LC_ALL, locname) fail, and the
locale_name_fmat utility actually returns '1' since it cannot set LC_ALL
to an acceptable locale.  They're working on getting the locale changed
to one of the en_US locales, but any other ideas for a solution to this
would be appreciated.
  This is using version 4.1.0 of the library with Solaris 10/Sun Studio
10 on a SPARC machine.


-----Original Message-----
From: Martin Sebor [] 
Sent: Thursday, April 12, 2007 10:21 AM
Subject: Re: question about locales

Martin Sebor wrote:
> Patrick Happel wrote:
>> Hello all,
>>   This problem got transferred to me since Jeremy has gone on 
>> vacation, and it seems to be continuing.  LOCALE_NAME_FMAT.cpp was 
>> edited via a patch supplied by Jeremy, which I assume made the 
>> changes described in STDCXX-128.  Here are some more system details:
> Can you post the relevant portion of the config log for the config 
> test (we need to see the compilation and link line)?
> If the test compiled successfully, what is its output (when run by 
> hand)?
> FYI, if you don't have access to a machine with just the three locales

> you mention you can emulate an environment just like it by creating a 
> simple shell script named locale that produces the same output and 
> putting it before the system locale utility in PATH. Then you can 
> re-run the config test and should be able to reproduce the troublesome

> behavior, including a stack trace.

While looking into this some more I realized that while the debugging
approach I suggested should work with stdcxx 4.1.3 it wouldn't work for
the latest test which doesn't rely on the locale utility anymore (since
it may not be installed).


> Martin
>> Standard Library version 4.1.4
>> Solaris 10, Sun Studio 11 (64 bit)
>> Output of the locale command:
>> dev$locale -a
>> C
>> iso_8859_1
>> The build error:
>> building library 'stdlib-library' in
>> '/gidev/home/gi/RogueWave/SourcePro/Ed9/source/stdlib/12s'
>> CC -xarch=v9  -D_RWCONFIG=12s -I./../../../include -I./../../.. -I..
>> -D_RWBUILD_std -O -mt -library=%none  -c ../assert.cpp  CC -xarch=v9 
>> -D_RWCONFIG=12s -I./../../../include -I./../../.. -I..
>> -D_RWBUILD_std -O -mt -library=%none  -c ../bitset.cpp  CC -xarch=v9 
>> -D_RWCONFIG=12s -I./../../../include -I./../../.. -I..
>> -D_RWBUILD_std -O -mt -library=%none  -c ../catalog.cpp  CC -xarch=v9

>> -D_RWCONFIG=12s -I./../../../include -I./../../.. -I..
>> -D_RWBUILD_std -O -mt -library=%none  -c ../codecvt.cpp 
>> "../setlocale.h", line 45: Error: _RWSTD_LC_ALL is not defined.
>>   Any ideas would be appreciated.
>> Thanks,
>>  -Patrick Happel
>> Rogue Wave Software, A QUOVADX(tm) division Technical Support Phone: 
>> 303-545-3205 -- 1-800-404-4767 E-mail:
>> Web:
>> -----Original Message-----
>> From: Martin Sebor [] Sent: Tuesday, April 03,
>> 2007 11:25 PM
>> To:
>> Subject: Re: question about locales
>> Jeremy Dean wrote:
>>> Is there a workaround for not having any locale installed on a 
>>> machine
>>> other then installing one? The error that comes up is that 
>>> _RWSTD_LC_ALL is undefined.
>> I assume you're running into the same problem as STDCXX-128. The 
>> patch referenced in the issue should fix it:
>> If it doesn't, let us know the details of your environment (the 
>> version of stdcxx, your compiler, OS, etc.) so we can reproduce it.
>> Martin
>>> Jeremy Dean
>>> Rogue Wave Software,
>>> A QUOVADX(tm) division
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