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From Martin Sebor <>
Subject Re: a couple of minor problems in gcc builds
Date Wed, 11 Apr 2007 14:45:47 GMT
Andrew Black wrote:
> The first artifact is in the build_stdcxx script.  It's the conditional 
> that's being used to determine if we're building with cygwin or not.  I 
> need to do some more work in this area anyways, so that we can get 
> cygwin builds working.


As for options and standard utilities, it's good to assume no more than
UNIX95 unless you know you're on a more capable system (such as UNIX98
AKA SUSV2, or SUSV3). You can use the getconf command to portably
determine which version of POSIX a system implements (via getconf

You may find these links helpful:


> --Andrew Black
> Martin Sebor wrote:
>> There are a couple of minor issues in our gcc builds (both Linux and
>> Solaris). AFAICT, neither of them appears to be causing any build
>> failures but they seem more than cosmetic.
>> First, we appear to be using the wrong option(s) in the build_stdcxx
>> script:
>> -- Setting up Solaris GNU binutils 2.17 --uname: illegal option -- o
>> usage:    uname [-snrvmapiX]
>>     uname [-S system_name]
>> ./build_stdcxx: line 22: ((: Cygwin == : syntax error: operand 
>> expected (error token is " ")
>> Second, we get the error below from the first invocation of make:
>> ### gmake builddir BUILDMODE=pthreads,shared,optimized, CONFIG=gcc.config
>> /bin/sh: cho: command not found
>> rm: cannot remove `/tmp/longsize': Operation not permitted
>> I suspect the second problem is fallout from my change 523520 (see
>> and I plan
>> to work on fixing it.
>> I'm not sure what's behind the first one. Andrew, can you take a look
>> at it when you have a chance?
>> Martin

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