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From Martin Sebor <>
Subject help needed: update Apache C++ Standard Library documentation
Date Tue, 10 Apr 2007 20:10:35 GMT
The Apache C++ Standard Library Class Reference and User Guide
have not been updated in some time and are in need of a review
and face lift. See:

The stdcxx team is looking for volunteers to help with one or more
of tasks below:

   1. Add the appropriate copyright and license statement and make
      sure they display on every page (it should be sufficient to
      modify a single frame).
   2. Remove/replace references to Rogue Wave with Apache where
   3. Remove references to Rogue Wave SourcePro.
   4. Remove references to the word "module" and/or replace it with
      "library" where necessary and appropriate.
   5. Update the Acknowledgments page in the Class reference (remove
      SourcePro Core team, add project committers).
   6. Improve the look and feel and better integrate it with the rest
      of the site (e.g., add the Apache feather, change colors to match,
   7. Update Standards Conformance section of the Class Reference to
      refer to the current C++ Standard (14882:2003).
   8. Update Example source code in the Class Reference to the latest
      sources (perhaps by reference to the svn repository instead of
      by copying the code?)
   9. Update the Example programs to match those in the examples/
      tutorial/ directory.

Suggestions for additional improvements are welcome!

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