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From Andrew Black <>
Subject Re: legacy tests on Windows
Date Fri, 23 Mar 2007 21:15:01 GMT
Martin Sebor wrote:
> Andrew Black wrote:
>> Greetings Martin.
>> I think it's likely that we will need to make some changes to the
>> windows infrastructure.
>> The cause of the missing legacy tests is twofold.  First, the legacy
>> test executables appear to fail to compile in dynamic builds because 
>> the legacy test driver symbols aren't resolved.  This seems to point 
>> to a failure to export them correctly.
> Ah. That's something we need to look into here as the legacy
> part of the driver isn't in Subversion

I suspect the place you'd need to look is near the changes I made on the 
14th and you made on the 15th.

>> Second, the runall.wsf script doesn't pass the names of non-existent 
>> executables to the exec script. Therefore, you don't see any targets 
>> in the COMPILE or LINK states when the exec utility runs.
> IMO, this needs to change. The table must show the status
> of all the tests, not just those that compiled and linked
> successfully.
> Unless you see a quick change that your or I could easily
> make ourselves I'll ask Farid to do it since he is the
> expert on the Windows scripts.

I don't see any obvious quick changes.  What will probably need to 
happen is the script will need to glob the source directories, rather 
than filtering out the built executables from the remainder of the build 

>> Looking at the runall.wsf and generated .stdcxx_runtests solution, I 
>> believe that the cause of the format messages likely is coming from a 
>> failure to pass the compatibility mode options to the test suite. 
>> Farid, the additional switches that need to be passed to the exec 
>> utility when running the tests are '--compat -x "--compat -O -"' 
>> (minus the single quotes).  Hopefully the shell will handle the quote 
>> processing correctly.
> That was suspicion as well. Again, unless you see a quick
> fix let's wait for Farid to fix it.

The way I'd tend to fix it would be to add a /COMPAT switch to the 
runall.wsf script which adds the necessary flags to the command line for 
the exec utility, then include that flag on the command line when 
running the runall.wsf script in the .stdcxx_runtests solution. 
However, I would rather have Farid fix it in the way he feels best, as 
he knows the Windows build infrastructure better than I do., and he'll 
be altering related parts of the scrips for the first part.

--Andrew Black

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