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From Farid Zaripov <>
Subject [PATCH] Boost + stdcxx
Date Fri, 23 Mar 2007 19:35:23 GMT
  Attached is a new files for building the boost library with stdcxx.

  The .jam files should be placed in %BOOST_ROOT%/tools/build/v1.

  The boost-base.jam.diff is the patch file for the boost-base.jam file.

  The 2 environment variable should be defined before build:

STDCXX_ROOT - is the root directory of the stdcxx
STDCXX_BUILD_PATH - is the build directory

  That variables can be exported of specified in the command line
using syntax -sNAME=value.

  Example of the command line which I've used:

bjam --without-python -sSTDCXX_ROOT=/usr/src/stdcxx 
-sSTDCXX_BUILD_PATH=/usr/src/stdcxx/build_12d -sTOOLS=gcc-stdcxx 
-s"BUILD=release <runtime-link>dynamic <threading>multi" stage

  For the regression test the command line the same, but without stage 
parameter and invoked from status directory:

cd status
bjam --without-python -sSTDCXX_ROOT=/usr/src/stdcxx 
-sSTDCXX_BUILD_PATH=/usr/src/stdcxx/build_12d -sTOOLS=gcc-stdcxx 
-s"BUILD=release <runtime-link>dynamic <threading>multi"


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