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From Liviu Nicoara <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Re: regression test suite naming convention
Date Wed, 21 Mar 2007 16:11:22 GMT
FWIW, option 3 makes more sense to me.

It could be enhanced though in the light of Martin's reply to Mark: some 
tests do not cleanly apply to a section. In which case option 3 can be 
enhanced to place such tests in the regress dir w/o a section number.


Andrew Black wrote:
> If we constrain ourselves to the proposed options, my vote is for Option 
> 2.  The reason for this vote is because it allows us to more easily 
> determine what regression tests need to be run for a particular change.
> If we don't constrain ourselves to the proposed options, I wish to put 
> forward an additional option.
> Option 3:
>    Put all regression tests in tests/regress/, using the following
>    naming convention:
>    tests/regress/<section-number>.stdcxx-<issue-number>.cpp
> This option would allow us to quickly locate all regression tests, and 
> identify which section each regression test applies to without 
> consulting Jira.
> --Andrew Black
> Martin Sebor wrote:
>> I'm not hearing any yay's or nay's on the proposed convention
>> so how about a vote to practice our consensus building skills?
>> Everyone is encouraged to vote, including non-committers.
>> Option 1:
>>   Put all regression tests in tests/regress/, naming each as
>>   follows:
>>   tests/regress/stdcxx-<issue-number>.cpp
>> Option 2:
>>   Mix regression tests in with the rest based on the clause
>>   in the standard and name each according to the following
>>   formula:
>>   tests/<section>/<section-number>.stdcxx-<issue-number>.cpp
>> Martin

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