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From Martin Sebor <>
Subject Re: missing build line for 22.locale.codecvt.out
Date Mon, 12 Mar 2007 18:58:35 GMT
Andrew Black wrote:
> Greetings Martin.
> I would hazard a guess that it has to do with the name of the test and 
> our pattern rules.  In particular, the rules reading '%.out: %' and '%: 
> %.cpp'.  I suspect that gmake is thinking that the target 
> 22.locale.codecvt.out is dependent on 22.locale.codecvt, rather than 
> 22.locale.codecvt.out.cpp.

Interesting idea. I hadn't thought of the .out pattern rules.

I just tried commenting out the rule and the behavior is the
same. I think something else is going on. From the output of
make 22.locale.codecvt.out printvars it looks like
22.locale.codecvt.out.cpp is in ALL_FILES and SRCS, and
22.locale.codecvt.out.o is in OBJS, but there is no
22.locale.codecvt.out.d in DEPS and no 22.locale.codecvt.out
in TARGET. Very mysterious...

> Perhaps we need to rename this test?

I'd really hate to do that. The .out rules are only necessary
for our examples so we should be able to disable them for tests
but since it doesn't look like it's the problem I'm hoping to
figure out a way how to keep the name and get it to work in


> --Andrew Black
> Martin Sebor wrote:
>> I'm trying to figure out why 22.locale.codecvt.out is reported
>> as having failed to compile with Sun C++ 5.8 on Solaris 8 among
>> other compilers but I don't the command line in the log (there
>> is a line that says that dependencies were generated for it but
>> no compilation or link line). Other 22.locale.*.cpp tests are
>> there so I'm stumped why this one would be missing. Andrew, do
>> you have any idea what might have happened to it?

>> Martin

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