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From Martin Sebor <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] for STCXX-346 - [Cygwin] gcc -fPIC warnings
Date Thu, 08 Mar 2007 01:38:30 GMT
Mark Brown wrote:
> Here's a patch for the -fPIC warnings on Cygwin (issue STCXX-346). I got a little crafty
with the conditional and used findstring instead of two ifs. I hope that's okay. I also took
the liberty to add a "-*- Makefile -*-" tag to the top of the file to enable emacs syntax

I was about to respond that the patch looked good but testing
it uncovered what I had missed in my review: a missing open
paren before findstring. I had jumped the gun on committing
the broken patch but I fixed it in a new one. Here they are:

I do like adding the emacs tag to the top of the file, by
the way. We should do it for all the config files.

> @@ -48,9 +49,10 @@
> -# IBM AIX code is always position independent
> -ifneq ($(OSNAME),AIX)
> -PICFLAGS        = -fPIC
> +# avoid adding -FPIC on IBM AIX and Cygwin where
> +# gcc generated code is always position independent
> +ifeq (,$findstring |$(OSNAME)|,|AIX|CYGWIN|)

This should be:

   ifeq (,$(findstring |$(OSNAME)|,|AIX|CYGWIN|))


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