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From Martin Sebor <>
Subject Re: --compat mode behavior issues
Date Sun, 04 Mar 2007 00:02:51 GMT
Andrew Black wrote:
[...snipped summary...]
> One (faulty) option would be to use the -O switch in compatability mode, 
> and provide it with a file such as /dev/stdout or /dev/fd/1.  On systems 
> where these 'magic' files exist, they reference the standard out file 
> descriptor.  However, the existence of such a file can't be relied on, 
> so we can't use them.  A similar magic file is /dev/tty, which is a file 
> descriptor pointing at the active console.  For the child process from 
> the exec utility, there is no associated console, so there is no place 
> to route the output, leading to a failure.

So this option is out.

> A second method would be to alter the behavior of the test driver in 
> --compat mode to write to the .out file, and alter the exec utility to 
> redirect stderr and stdout to /dev/null in --compat mode.

Hmm, I'm not too wild about this one.

> A final method would be to alter the rwtest library to treat the file 
> name of '-' when passed to the -O option as stdout, and make a similar 
> change to the RogueWave internal framework, then run the executables 
> with the options '--compat -O -'.  This would likely be less invasive 
> than the other option, and could be considered a useful enhancement.

This approach seems like the right way to go. I just changed
the Rogue Wave driver to recognize a single '-' as a shortcut
for stdout so you can do your thing in the stdcxx driver to
get it all working together.


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