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From Martin Sebor <>
Subject problems with new list tests
Date Wed, 28 Mar 2007 16:12:12 GMT
I've been working on cleaning up our test results across the board
with the hope of stabilizing things enough to cut a preliminary 4.2
[pre]release branch sometime soon. Last night's results contain
a number of new failures on several platforms introduced by the
just committed list tests. I'd like to clean these up before we
move on. I put together a high-level overview to help us focus on
the problem platforms. Farid, please look at the results to see if
something obvious jumps out at you. Once you're done with the
changes on your platforms I'll get to work on the rest.

  IBM VAC++/XLC++   results not available or not meaningful
  HP aCC/IPF        all tests die with SIGABRT
  HP aCC/PA         4 tests fail to compile, one gets SIGBUS
  SGI MIPSpro       OK
  gcc/Linux         OK
  Sun C++/SPARC     23.list.cons dies with SIGABRT
  MSVC/Windows      OK
  Compaq C++/Tru64  all tests fail to compile or link

The full results are on the usual page:


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