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From Martin Sebor <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] alg_test.h
Date Wed, 21 Feb 2007 17:49:02 GMT
Farid Zaripov wrote:
> Martin Sebor wrote:
>>>   Attached patch is created using the patch utility (ported from 
>>> unix), because I can't use TortoiseSVN plugin to make patch between 2 
>>> files on my harddisk.
>> Hmm. svn diff doesn't work you on Windows? Have you tried Cygwin?
>  I'm using the TortoiseSVN shell extension plugin, but not the svn 
> binary utils.
> I will try the latest to see how the 'svn diff' can help.

I haven't tried or even seen the TortoiseSVN plugin so I'm
afraid I can't help you there. But I can tell you that the
command line client works well on all platforms, including
Cygwin. I encourage you to download the latest Cygwin/X
and give it a try: It's like running
Linux right alongside Windows. You can run your favorite X
window manager (including Gnome and KDE) and even copy and
paste between the two sessions. Even better, you can use
it to display windows from X programs running on another
machine (Linux or any other system running X).

>>>   ChangeLog:
>>>   * alg_test.h: ConstFwdIter<T> inherited from FwdIter<const T>.
>>>   ConstBidirIter<T> inherited from BidirIter<const T>.
>>>   ConstRandomAccessIter<T> inherited from RandomAccessIter<const T>.
>>>   (make_iter): type of the last parameter changed to const reference
>> This intuitively makes sense. I wonder, though, does it fix
>> a real problem in the test suite?
>  Yes, the test 23.vector.modifiers fails to compile due to ambiguity
> between 2 similar overloads of the make_iter() function (because
> ConstFwdIter<T> inherited from FwdIter<T> and can be used in call to
> make_iter(, , , FwdIter<T>) while ConstFwdIter<T>, inherited from
> FwdIter<const T>, cannot).

I see.

>> If so, it would be nice to
>> have a small test case (if it's simple enough) and a Jira
>> issue for it.
>  New JIRA issue:

Great, thanks!

Don't forget to reference the issue in the ChangeLog entry
so that the Jira Subversion plugin picks it up and makes a
note of it on the Subversion Commits tab.


>> Either way, consider the change preapproved.
> Farid.

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