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From Andrew Black <>
Subject Re: Rogue Wave library
Date Tue, 13 Feb 2007 17:04:41 GMT
Greetings Koh.

The RogueWave product that was donated to the Apache Foundation was our 
implementation of the C++ Standard Library.  I believe the library and 
header files in question are from the Tools.h++ product, which wasn't 
part of the donation.  Liviu, can you confirm this hunch, and might you 
have suggestions on what places Koh might look to for assistance in his 

--Andrew Black

Thai Lai Koh (DHL MY) wrote:
> Hi there, 
> Recently, we had started a porting project that port one of our
> component from HPUX version to Redhat Linux.
> We are facing issue when we try to linking the Rogue Wave library and
> header files.
> In HPUX, we already installed the RW library long time back. Can you As
> I understand RW is open source. Appreciated that you can advice where
> can we get this download RW library.
> Beside this, FYI, we are using librwtool.a library in HPUX and the
> following are the header files.
> rw/defs.h
> rw/tvsrtvec.h
> rw/cstring.h
> rw/ctoken.h
> rw/rstream.h
> rw/collect.h
> Please advice. 
> -- Thanks :-) --
> Koh Thai Lai

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