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From Farid Zaripov <>
Subject [PATCH] Windows build infrastructure
Date Tue, 09 Jan 2007 18:00:49 GMT
   Attached is a patch to the windows build infrastructure.

   Martin or Andrew: can someone apply that patch to the night build 
system to test the changes before I commit?

   * build.wsf: New script file to build specified configuration
   * configure.wsf (configure): Check if the environment variable
   exist before removing; use MT DLL runtime instead of ST static
   runtime in ST DLL solution configurations
   * devenv_consts.js: Added new constants
   * generate.wsf: Removed unused BUILDTYPE option from usage text;
   by default don't generate projects for build and test locales;
   generate additional solution files (stdlib + examples;
   stdlib + rwtest + tests; stdlib + utils + locales;
   stdlib + utils + locale tests;
   stdlib + utils + run_examples + run_tests); use new build.wsf
   script in generated build batch file
   * makelog.wsf (makelog): Updated according to new directory structure
   * projectdef.js (InitVSObjects): Added freedte parameter, don't free
   dte object if freedte == false;
   (projectCreateVCProject): Use MT DLL runtime instead of ST static
   runtime in ST DLL solution configurations;
   (projectCreateProjectDefsFromFolder): Add name of subfolder to the
   OutDir only if shiftOutDir is true;
   (projectCreateTestLocalesDef): New function to generate project for
   perform all locale tests in one shot;
   * projects.js (CreateProjectDefs): Added generation of the 3 projects:
   .stdcxx_runexamples; .stdcxx_runtests; .stdcxx_testlocales. Now
   returns array of the sets of projects (configure, stdlib, rwtest,
   utils, examples, run_examples, tests, run_tests, locales,
   * run_locale_utils.wsf (Cleanup): New function to remove
   temporary folder
   (Exit): New function to exit from script with cleanup
   (CreateFolder): New function to create directory three
   (dump_charmap): New function to dump the charmap of a locale
   (dump_locale): On error exited script with the same non-zero
   exit status as the locale utility
   (generate_locale): Used Exit function
   (test_locale): Called dump_charmap to produce the charmap source
   from the locale database at each of the three stages. Used this
   charmap source to create a locale in each subsequent stage.
   Placed the files created at each stage in separate directories
   named stage.1 through stage.3.
   (run_locale_utils): Avoided deleting stage directories when
   the -n option is set
   * runall.wsf: Parameter INOUTDIR now is optional; removed unused
   parameter COPYRWTESTDLL;
   (readOutFile): check manual and tutorial subfolders when searching
   example requested output file;
   (runWithChecks, runNoChecks): Removed as unused;
   (runAllExamples): Rewritten to use exec utility in packet mode.
   * summary.js (saveBuildInfoTable): encode symbols in example output
   before saving them to HTML file
   (readBuildLog): Added temporary loop to check the run-time error
   "runall.wsf(59, 6) Microsoft JScript runtime error: Permission denied"


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