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From Andrew Black <>
Subject Re: duplicate error message in Windows builds
Date Tue, 05 Dec 2006 18:01:49 GMT
Greetings Martin.

The glue script calls devenv to build the product via the generated 
batch file.  Before and after calling the batch file, the glue script 
prints a status message starting with ###.  The lines in question are 
prior to the third instance in the script (immediately after the 
generated batch file has been run).

The location of the source can be further narrowed, if it is noted that 
the lines beginning with NNN> are coming from devenv.  The number 
indicates the serial number (essentially) of the project being built. 
As the repeated lines don't include such a leader, that means it comes 
after devenv has been invoked, and that indicates the makelog.wsf script.

Upon tracing the code, I find that the messages are being emitted by the 
saveBuildFailure function in summary.js.  This method appears to append 
blocks of HTML to a temporary file which is used in the generation of 
the final result page.

Glancing at the output from devenv /? doesn't point me at any switches 
that appear to be particularly useful for short-circuiting out of the 
build process.  If short circuiting is desired behavior, it may be 
necessary to build the product project by project, rather than having 
devenv build everything.

--Andrew Black

Martin Sebor wrote:
> Also in the same builds we continue trying to build
> other components (utilities, rwtest, etc.) after the
> library failed to build instead of aborting right
> away. This seems like a problem with the Windows
> stdcxx build infrastructure -- Farid, do you have
> any insight into how to prevent the build from
> continuing after the library failure?
> Martin
> Martin Sebor+ wrote:
>> A couple of our Windows/MSVC builds have failed due
>> to low disk space. That's okay and we'll look into
>> why we're running out of space. The problem I'm
>> writing about is that the error message at the end
>> of the log is repeated 124 times. I'm not sure if
>> the error message is coming out of the stdcxx build
>> infrastructure or the Rogue Wave part that invokes
>> it. Andrew and Farid, could you guys look into it
>> and see if you could fix whatever is causing the
>> message to be repeated?
>> Thanks
>> Martin
>> 422>------ Build started: Project: .stdlib_tests, Configuration: 15s 
>> Debug Thread-safe Static Win32 ------
>> 422>Performing Pre-Build Event...
>> 422>Performing Custom Build Step
>> 422>CScript Error: Initialization of the Windows Script Host failed. 
>> (Not enough storage is available to process thPath 
>> D:\bman5\builds\33243709\source-buildspace\build\msvc-8.0\15s\tests\Summary.htm 
>> not found
>> Path 
>> D:\bman5\builds\33243709\source-buildspace\build\msvc-8.0\15s\tests\Summary.htm 
>> not found
>> Path 
>> D:\bman5\builds\33243709\source-buildspace\build\msvc-8.0\15s\tests\Summary.htm 
>> not found

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