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From Martin Sebor <>
Subject Re: XLC++ 8.0 build results
Date Mon, 04 Dec 2006 23:02:11 GMT
Andrew Black wrote:

> Greetings Martin
> This behavior change was caused by the changes made to the glue script 
> that translates paths into variable names.  Resolving this was fairly 
> simple, and has been checked into version control.  When the nightly 
> archive is rebuilt tonight, the change will be included.

I see. The old "pipeline exit status" problem.


> --Andrew Black
> Martin Sebor wrote:
>> ...for the weekend are reported as DATA (incomplete
>> data) even though the library failed to build.
>> Also, the log shows that the build script continued
>> to try to build examples and other pieces after the
>> library failed to build. Didn't we use to short-circuit
>> the rest of the build when this happened? If not, we
>> probably should since there is little point in trying
>> to test anything when there's no library to link with.
>> Andrew, could you please look into it when you have
>> a chance?
>> Thanks
>> Martin

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