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From Martin Sebor <>
Subject Re: Nightly testing failures on AIX 5.3
Date Fri, 01 Dec 2006 23:05:02 GMT
Andrew Black wrote:
> Martin Sebor wrote:
>> Andrew Black wrote:
> [...]
>>> I see two possible solutions to this issue.  The first solution is to 
>>> add the rwtest directory to the path passed to the -R switch.  The 
>>> second solution is to remove the use of the -bsrv4 and -R switches on 
>>> AIX 5.3 (the AIX 5.2 linker doesn't support the switches, 
>>> necessitating ).
>>> Thoughts?
>> I vote for the first approach. It works in my testing
>> and it is what we will eventually need to do once we
>> start building rwtest as a shared library.
>> Btw., I note that the -Wl,-bsvr4,-R$(LIBDIR) option
>> is on the library link line. I don't see why we need
>> to specify it there. Unless you have a goof reason
>> for it to be there can you please remove it?
> The reason the option ends up on the library link line is because it's 
> being defined in the SHARED_LDFLAGS variable in the different 
> compiler.config files.  This variable is one of the variables used to 
> generate the LDFLAGS variable in the generated file.
> It could be asserted that this is not a good reason for the option to be 
> included on the library link line, and I would tend to agree with that 
> assertion.  The only counter-argument I have is that it would be more 
> complex to separate this option so that it isn't included on library 
> link lines.

The LDSOFLAGS variable defines the set of linker flags
when linking a shared library, and we should also have
one for rwtest, and for programs that link with one or
both of the two. Maybe something like

   LDFLAGS: common linker flags
   LDFLAGS.lib: linker flags for the library only
   LDFLAGS.rwt: linker flags for rwtest only
   LDFLAGS.tst: linker flags for the tests
   LDFLAGS.exm: linker flags for the examples
   LDFLAGS.util: linker flags for the utilities

These would replace the current SHARED_LDFLAGS as well


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