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From Andrew Black <>
Subject Re: Nightly testing failures on AIX 5.3
Date Fri, 01 Dec 2006 22:23:52 GMT
Martin Sebor wrote:
> Andrew Black wrote:
>> I see two possible solutions to this issue.  The first solution is to 
>> add the rwtest directory to the path passed to the -R switch.  The 
>> second solution is to remove the use of the -bsrv4 and -R switches on 
>> AIX 5.3 (the AIX 5.2 linker doesn't support the switches, 
>> necessitating ).
>> Thoughts?
> I vote for the first approach. It works in my testing
> and it is what we will eventually need to do once we
> start building rwtest as a shared library.
> Btw., I note that the -Wl,-bsvr4,-R$(LIBDIR) option
> is on the library link line. I don't see why we need
> to specify it there. Unless you have a goof reason
> for it to be there can you please remove it?

The reason the option ends up on the library link line is because it's 
being defined in the SHARED_LDFLAGS variable in the different 
compiler.config files.  This variable is one of the variables used to 
generate the LDFLAGS variable in the generated file.

It could be asserted that this is not a good reason for the option to be 
included on the library link line, and I would tend to agree with that 
assertion.  The only counter-argument I have is that it would be more 
complex to separate this option so that it isn't included on library 
link lines.

--Andrew Black

> Martin

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