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From Farid Zaripov <>
Subject [PATCH] _config-msvc.h
Date Wed, 22 Nov 2006 16:19:54 GMT
   I see that some #defines in _config-msvc.h (i.e. #define 
_RWSTD_NO_NL_LANGINFO) duplicates #defines from config.h produced by 
configure.wsf script. And some #defines contradict with #defines from 
config.h (i.e. #define _RWSTD_NO_MBRLEN is undefined on MSVC 8).

   I think that #defines should be moved to #if _MSC_VER <= 1200 / 
#endif because we don't have configuration infrastructure for MSVC 6 and 

   The proposed patch is attached.

   * _config-msvc.h: All definitions which duplicates or contradict
   with config.h are moved to #if _MSC_VER <= 1200 / #endif


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