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From Andrew Black <>
Subject Re: [PATCH]Assorted cleanup
Date Thu, 09 Nov 2006 21:52:50 GMT
Martin Sebor wrote:
> Andrew Black wrote:
>> Greetings all.
>> Attached is a patch that aims to resolve a couple minor compile issues 
>> with the exec utility.
> The two patches should probably go in separately since they are
> completely unrelated.

Patches split and attached

>> The first concern is the current link behavior, where the standard 
>> library is linked into all executables.  While this is normally 
>> desirable, it is considered undesirable for the exec utility, which is 
>> designed without the use of the standard library.  The tactic I chose 
>> to use in this patch was to filter the library out of the $LDFLAGS 
>> variable, but I wonder if a better approach would be alter the 
>> makefile.common file so that the library isn't included by default on 
>> the link line.
> The ideal approach that we agreed on some time ago was to build
> the exec utility as a C program. But yours seems like a good enough
> workaround in the meantime (I assume the patch does in fact work
> around an actual problem and isn't just cosmetic).

This is a somewhat cosmetic change, but it does allow the exec utility 
to run if the library were to build incorrectly such that it crashes 
during initialization.

exec_unlink.diff Changelog:
     * GNUmakefile.bin (LDFLAGS.exec): Define LDFLAGS variant, filtering 
out the stdcxx library
       (exec): use LDFLAGS.exec rather than LDFLAGS

>> The second concern is a compile failure when using the Compaq 
>> compiler.  In particular, this compiler fails on code that was 
>> implemented as a workaround for STDCXX-291.  I feel that it is 
>> (slightly) more efficient to use the older code than the STDCXX-291 
>> workaround code, so I chose to make that the default path, but it 
>> would also be possible to make the alternate code path specific to the 
>> Compaq compiler (via the __DECCXX macro)
> I was going to look into it but you beat me to it. The problem
> is that the caller is a C++ function and so the type of the local
> function pointer variable is one to a extern "C++" function. We
> can't initialize it with a "C" function. What we should do here
> is declare a typedef for handle_alrm in the same extern "C" block
> as the handler itself and then use the typedef to declare the
> local function pointer.

I still feel that it is more efficient to assign the signal handler 
reference to the element in the sigaction structure rather than using 
memcpy, but I also agree that the use of the typedef is cleaner than 
using the #ifndef logic.

compaqfix.diff Changelog:
     * exec.cpp (alarm_handler) [!_WIN32 && !_WIN64]: Define typedef 
with signature matching that of handle_alrm.
       (wait_for_child) [!_WIN32 && !_WIN64]: Use alarm_handler typedef 
for type of local variable storing reference to handle_alrm.

--Andrew Black

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