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From Andrew Black <>
Subject Re: failed library build marked WARN (T)
Date Fri, 03 Nov 2006 22:02:59 GMT
The cause likely is an overly aggressive caching of build logs.  In 
particular, the export script currently determines if a new build for a 
particular platform/compiler/build type has occurred by tracking the 
subversion change number.  While not a frequent occurrence, it is 
possible for multiple runs with a given subversion change number to 
occur.  Likely causes are changes to the nightly testing scripts or the 
nightly testing schedule.

Resolving this issue will be a fairly simple change.  That change will 
be to use the serial number for the run to determine the staleness of 
run, rather than the subversion change number.

--Andrew Black

Martin Sebor wrote:
> Hey Andrew, in the HP aCC build below the library fails to compile
> but we're marking it WARN (T) instead of LIB (F). Can you see why?

> Thanks
> Martin

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