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From Andrew Black <>
Subject Windows solution generator bugs
Date Tue, 24 Oct 2006 16:30:12 GMT
Greetings Farid, all.

I am working with the solution generator in an effort to start automated 
testing of stdcxx on windows.  During this process, I have observed a 
couple flaws with the infrastructure.

The first flaw I have observed is that the /LOCALES:no switch to the 
generate.wsf script seems to be broken.  When I specify this switch, I 
observe the following behavior:

> C:\build\ablack\stdcxx-test>generate.bat /CONFIG:msvc-8.0 /BUILDDIR:build /LOCALES:no
> Solution generation script
> Checking arguments...
> Building directory tree created
> Checking consistence...
> Creating projects definitions...
> C:\build\ablack\stdcxx-test\etc\config\windows\generate.wsf(740, 10) Microsoft JScript
runtime error: 'this.prototype' is null or not an object

I suspect that this is a fairly simple problem to fix, but I don't have 
the needed familiarity with the code to fix it quickly.

The second (less critical) flaw I have observed is in the use of the 
exec utility.  The utility is designed to run multiple targets (tests or 
examples) in a single shot, and examine the return code and output of 
the runs, comparing example output against the reference files or 
extracting the test assertion count from tests.  My reading of the 
runall.wsf script is that it ignores all these features, treating it as 
a simple wrapper around the test that is to be run.

I am willing to try to rewrite this script to utilize more of the 
capabilities of the utility, but I don't know what other scripts would 
be affected by changes in the behavior.

--Andrew Black

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