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From Andrew Black <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] global cleanup for exec utility
Date Fri, 29 Sep 2006 16:52:11 GMT
Attached is a patch that tries to clean up most, if not all of the style 
violations.  In addition, it also moves the documentation that resided 
in a .cpp file for any global functions into the header file where they 
are declared.

--Andrew Black

	* cmdopt.cpp: Convert C++ comments to C comments.
	  (rw_signal) [!_WIN32 & !_WIN64]: Ditto.
	  (parse_limit_opts): Ditto, fix style violation.
	  (show_usage): Make static (move from global to file scope).
	  (eval_options, split_opt_string): Move documentation from here ...
	* cmdopt.h (eval_options, split_opt_string): ... To here.
	  Convert C++ comments to C comments.
	* display.cpp (print_header_plain, print_target_plain, 
print_status_plain, print_footer_plain): Make static, document.
	* display.h: Convert C++ comments to C comments.
	* exec.cpp: Ditto.
	  (limit_process) [!_WIN32 & !_WIN64]: Ditto.
	  (get_signo): Fix style violation.
	  (wait_for_child, exec_file) [!_WIN32 & !_WIN64]: Ditto.
	  (wait_for_child) [!_WIN32 & !_WIN64]: Correct embedded comment.
	  (get_signo, get_signame, exec_file): Move documentation from here ...
	* exec.h (get_signo, get_signame, exec_file): ... To here.
	  Convert C++ comments to C comments.
	* output.cpp (parse_output): Move documentation from here ...
	* output.h (parse_output): ... To here.
	  Convert C++ comments to C comments.
	* runall.cpp: Ditto
	* target.h: Ditto, correct file header documentation.
	* util.cpp (guarded_realloc): Fix style violation.
	  (terminate, guarded_malloc, guarded_realloc): Move documentation from 
here ...
	* util.h (terminate, guarded_malloc, guarded_realloc): ... To here.
	  (terminate): Fix style violation in declaration.
	  Convert C++ comments to C comments.

Martin Sebor wrote:
> Please take a look at the commented out code on line 520 of
> exec.cpp and either fix it or correct the comment. Also, please
> submit a patch fixing the formatting and other problems I pointed
> out here or any other transgressions against the style.
> Thanks
> Martin

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