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From Farid Zaripov <>
Subject [PATCH] Scripts, generating solution and projects for MSVC/ICC [2]
Date Thu, 28 Sep 2006 15:32:11 GMT
   Patch for scripts of Windows build infrastructure is here:


   * icc-9.0.config: New configuration file for ICC-9.0
   * icc-9.1.config: New configuration file for ICC-9.1
   * msvc-7.0.config: New configuration file for MSVC-7.0
   * msvc-7.1.config: New configuration file for MSVC-7.1
   * msvc-8.0.config: New configuration file for MSVC-8.0
   * msvcex-8.0.config: New config file for MSVCExpress-8.0
   * config.js: Removed definitions of the classes: Solution,
   SolutionConfiguration, ProjectConfiguration, Project, Filter,
   Platform, Configuration, Tool, Compiler, Linker, Librarian,
   CustomBuild, PostBuild
   * data.js: Removed variables of types which was removed from config.js
   (ConfigInfo): New class for storing information about build
   * devenv_consts.js: New file with constant variables for
   VisualStudio Automation objects
   * filterdef.js: New script file with FilterDef class definition
   * projectdef.js: New script file with ProjectDef class definition
   * projects.js: New script file with definitions of the projects
   for solution
   * summary.js (saveSummaryHeaderMulti): Modified according to the new
   directory structure
   (saveBuildSummaryMulti): Modified according to the new directory
   structure, added checking of source folder presence
   (saveBuildSummariesFromFolder): Added checking of folder presence
   * utilities.js: Removed functions: convertSolutionImpl,
   setCompilerEnvironment, compile, compileFiles, link, linkFiles,
   preprocess, preprocessFile, buildLibrary, makeLibrary
   (createUUID): Get new UUID using the "scriptlet.typelib" COM object
   instead of executing uuidgen utility
   (getCompilerOpts): New function for parsing the configuration file
   of the specified compiler
   (getExtension): New function for obtain extension of filename
   (changeFileExt): New function for get new filename with specified
   (arrayIndexOf): New function for obtain index of item in array
   (generateSolution): New function for create the solution file
   * configure.wsf (checkHeaders): Removed checking of the wctomb,
   wcstombs functions in wchar.h header. Added missing break keyword.
   (joinArray): New function to get string from array of strings
   (preprocessFile): New function to preprocess the specified file
   (compileFiles): New function to compile the specified files
   (linkFiles): New function to link targets in specified executable
   (makeLibrary): New function to build C++ library file
   (logLine): New function to append the line to log file
   * generate.wsf: Removed function generateUpdateBatch
   (generate): Modified to use the new objects for generate project files
   (LogMessage): New function to print message to the stdout and logfile
   (generateUpdateBatch): Modified to create separate build batch for
   each compiler configuration instead of common build.bat
   (createBuildDirs): Modified according to the new directory structure
   (readAndCheckArguments): Added checking of the new script parameters:
   * makelog.wsf: Modified according to the new directory structure
   * runall.wsf: Removed functions: inspectProcesses
   (runexamples): Get type of buildlog file from compiler
   configuration file
   (readAndCheckArguments): Added new option COPYRWTESTDLL
   (runAllExamples): Modified according to the new directory
   structure; added code for copying and deleting the rwtest.dll
   if COPYRWTESTDLL option is specified
   (runNoChecks): Used exec utility to run example instead of
   WshShell::Exec method
   (runWithChecks): Used exec utility to run example instead of
   WshShell::Exec method
   (parseStatus): New function to obtain the exit code of the example
   * run_locale_utils.wsf: New script file which implements
   functionality of the script


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