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From Andrew Black <>
Subject [PATCH] exec utility display subsystem
Date Fri, 25 Aug 2006 23:10:36 GMT
Greetings all.

Attached is a patch plus a pair of new files (to be placed in the util 
subdirectory) to create a display subsystem for the exec utility.  This 
is a preparatory patch for other changes related to displaying the results.

It may make sense to rename the existing output subsystem (as parser?) 
and call the new subsystem 'output'.

--Andrew Black

	* GNUmakefile.bin: Add display.o to link objects for exec utility
	* display.h: Define display subsystem
	* display.cpp: Implement initial display subsystem, equivalent to 
existing output.
	* output.h (parse_output): Alter signature to support display subsystem
	* output.cpp: Include display.h, Update comments.
	  (check_test, check_compat_test, check_example, parse_output): Alter 
signatures to support display subsystem, replace I/O calls with updates 
to target_status structure.
	* runall.cpp: Same as above.
	  (check_target_ok, process_results): Same as above.
	  (run_target): Add storage structure for display subsystem, calls into 
display subsystem.
	  (main): Add calls into display subsystem.

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