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From Andrew Black <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] exec utility patch
Date Tue, 22 Aug 2006 21:02:19 GMT
Greetings Farid

The contents of the patch look fairly good, but I have a couple 

The first observation I have is that there is a certain amount of 
'noise' in the patch from spelling corrections in comments.  These 
spelling fixes should probably be submitted as a separate cleanup patch.

The second observation I have is about the use of get_signame on the 
SIGSEGV constant.  It would be more efficient to use 'puts ("  SEGV\n") 
  ;' rather than calling printf on a function that returns what is 
essentially a constant.  An additional benefit is that you wouldn't need 
to include signal.h.

--Andrew Black

Farid Zaripov wrote:
>   The message box, displayed by the system debugger (drwtsn32.exe on 
> WinNT or dwwin.exe on WinXP) in case when the child process causes 
> Access Violation, remains on the screen  after the child process is 
> terminated by the exec utility.
>   Attached is a patch for the exec utility to prevent displaying error 
> message box when child causes access violation.
>   This patch do not prevent the displaying of the message box on 
> assertion fail, but this message box is not a big problem, because of 
> it's disappear when child process terminates.
>   ChangeLog:
>   * exec.cpp [_WIN32 || _WIN64] (exec_file): Set appropriate error mode
>   before running the child process to disable displaying the
>   critical-error-handler and general-protection-fault message boxes.
>   * runall.cpp [_WIN32 || _WIN64] : Included windows.h and
>   signal.h.
>   (process_results): Handle returned status STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION
>   and print status "SEGV".
> Farid.

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