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From Farid Zaripov <>
Subject [PATCH] exec utility patch
Date Tue, 22 Aug 2006 18:20:23 GMT
   The message box, displayed by the system debugger (drwtsn32.exe on 
WinNT or dwwin.exe on WinXP) in case when the child process causes 
Access Violation, remains on the screen  after the child process is 
terminated by the exec utility.

   Attached is a patch for the exec utility to prevent displaying error 
message box when child causes access violation.

   This patch do not prevent the displaying of the message box on 
assertion fail, but this message box is not a big problem, because of 
it's disappear when child process terminates.

   * exec.cpp [_WIN32 || _WIN64] (exec_file): Set appropriate error mode
   before running the child process to disable displaying the
   critical-error-handler and general-protection-fault message boxes.
   * runall.cpp [_WIN32 || _WIN64] : Included windows.h and
   (process_results): Handle returned status STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION
   and print status "SEGV".


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