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From Martin Sebor <>
Subject Re: Windows infrastructure for generating VisualStudio projects and solution(s)
Date Tue, 22 Aug 2006 01:08:14 GMT
Farid Zaripov wrote:
>   The current version of the scripts here:

I'll be away until Friday so just a few quick comments without
actually applying the patch and playing with the result...

>   The brief changelog:
>   - added support of the MSVC Express edition (/CONFIG:msvcex-8.0);


>   - added optional parameter /WCHAR_T:{yes|no}:
>       when yes, the native wchar_t enabled;
>       when no, the native wchar_t disabled;
>       when no option specified, the native wchar_t is default to the
> compiler.

I think a more general solution might be called for, one that would
let users specify additional command line options to the compiler
or linker. The GNU makefile infrastructure uses CPPOPTS, CXXOPTS,
and LDOPTS for this purpose and simply appends the values of these
variables to the end of CPPFLAGS, CXXFLAGS, and LDFLAGS.

>   - "Force Conformance in for Loop Scope" is turned on (I see no problem
> with it)

You shouldn't see any problems since that's how all conforming
compilers are required to behave and how most in fact do. But not
every compiler conforms and MSVC is an example of one that doesn't,
at least not out of the box. In order to make sure we can handle
those as well we need to test the library both ways (with and
without the feature). I.e., we cannot rely on the feature in
our library headers (we can fake it in our sources by the well
known trick: '#define for if (0); else for').

>   - added run_locale_utils.wsf script (equivalent of the
>   - added projects exec, locale, localedef;

Boy, I can see what you mean by adding a lot of variables! They
do make it look kind of messy, or at least not vary scalable.

>   - added projects %LOCALENAME% - for build locale with specified name;
>   - added project Test_%LOCALENAME% - for test the specified locale;
>   - added projects .stdcxx_utils, .stdcxx_locales, .stdcxx_testlocales
> for build
>     utils, locales and test locales in one step

I'll need to check this out in action...

>   I don't think that this version is good to commit. So I'll prepare the
> full changelog later (after implementing exec utility for run tests).

Sounds good.


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